Monday, January 11, 2016

Please Pardon our dust,Discount way 5/10 is open again.

Hello there It's been a Long time since I last did a post on this Blog,Well The Good news is that Discount way 5/10 is Back.

New stuff Is coming down the pipe line in The next few week's.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

East Bradford mini mall Bradford pa

So here we have the East Bradford mini mall In Bradford pa its a odd Little mini mall It looks to have open in the 1950s and it has 6 stores A flower shop and a Karate dojo in the front two stores in the back and 2 stores in the middle if you are in Bradford pa area check it out .   

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sattler's price tag 1982

Here is a Sattler's Department store price tag form the last year of the chain in 1982.
Sattler's had 8 locations In The WNY area form 1899 to 1982 
  1. 998 Broadway in Buffalo NY
  2. Thruway Plaza in Cheektowaga NY
  3. Boulevard Mall in Amherst NY
  4. Seneca Mall in West Seneca NY
  5. Main Place mall in Buffalo NY
  6. Rochester Ny 
  7. Mayville NY
  8. Olean NY 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Price Tags of Old stores of the 1960s to the 80s-90s

Left to Right two 1964 Jamesway prices tags a FW Woolworth tag 80s a Revco tag 80s a Wheels Discount auto tag 1990 and a CT farm& family center price tag 80s-90s?
The Jamesway tags are from store 1 in lakewood ny .
Wheels Discount auto stores was a part of Fay's Drugs and was acquired by Parts America in the 90s And then Parts America was sold to Advance Auto Parts in the late 90s .
Revco Discount drugs stores was purchased by CVS Pharmacy in 1997.
CT Farm & Familly Center was a chain of farm stores that was in 8 to 14 states in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in the 1970s to 2003 when the chain closed.
FW Woolworth  closed in 1997 .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jamesway store 1 in lakewood ny

Jamesway store 1 in lakewood ny open 1961 closed 1982 or85
So this is Jamesway Store 1 on West Fairmount Avenue in lakewood ny  not Jamestown  it open in 1961 It got a facelift in the 1970s and it closed in 82 or 85 for a store in the Chautauqua Mall that is now an office max in the mall .     

Welcome to Discount way 5/10

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